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Become a Uniglitter Babe

Updated: May 20, 2019

I recently teamed up to work with an AMAZING company called Uniglitter. They sell mess-free glitter that is the most fun to play with. It can be applied to anywhere on the body and it super easy to put on and remove. Believe me, you will be asking for all of the colors as soon as you get your first shipment in the mail.

Uniglitter's glitter gels are 100% Vegan. The glycerol they use is vegetable based and not animal based. All gels are also infused with many goodies like jojoba oil and a lil grapefruit seed oil. So it's not only vegan but also great for your skin... Now who doesn't want great skin? I know I do.

A small gel can go a long way but I recommend grabbing a medium gel size to start off with or you can grab a duo or trio pack of the smaller jars to add more variety to your glitter collection.

Here are my top 5:

1. The Best Sellers Pack (2 small gel jars) $26.70 - on SALE

Contains rose gold, silver unicorn, and iridescent angel glitters

2. Rose Gold (medium gel) $15.95

3. Duo Pack (2 small gel jars) $17.80- on SALE

Contains green dragon and unicorn dreams

4. Iridescent Angel (small gel) $9.90

5. Pink Unicorn (medium gel) $15.95

All of the glitter is cosmetic grade which is gentle and safe to use on your face. I tend to apply it to the corners of my eyes for a sparkling effect when I am at the parks or going out on the town.

Taryn's Tip: I apply the glitter straight from the pot to my eyes and cheeks using my fingers and a light hand. My biggest tip is to apply a little at a time, you can always add more, but if you add too much at first it is more difficult to get off without making a mess or scraping at your face.

To remove in an eco-friendly way: soak a paper towel or cotton pad with water or baby oil and gently wipe off. (I also use my makeup remover wipes for this as well) Try not to wash this down the drain!

You can use my coupon code on your next purchase to save a little extra: DREAMTARYN will take 20% off at checkout!

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