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STK- Glitz Glam Brunch

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

"STK Steakhouse, the leader in vibe dining known for its high-energy dining experience that artfully combines superior steakhouse cuisine with upscale cocktails, elevated happy hour, in-house DJ’s and chic décor to create a unrivaled atmosphere, has introduced a new weekly special that is perfect for ending the weekend on a high--Glitz & Glam Sunday Brunch."

The Brunch runs every Sunday from 11am-3pm.

Glitz & Glam Brunch is everything guests have come to know and expect from an STK brunch, only with an enhanced live entertainment element. Every Sunday from 11am to 3pm, STK patrons can look forward to enjoying sets from one of the restaurants in-house DJs accompanied by live musical performances by top saxophonists, violinists and more, which perfectly compliment bottomless brunch cocktails and the restaurant’s menu of elevated entrees.

Chris and I were invited in to try out this brunch and were greeted by the most kind waiter and knowledgeable chef. We were given the Chef's Tasting which featured an assortment of their finest menu items.

First up was their endless mimosas, blue iceberg salad, and Lil' BRGs.

Blue Iceberg $19.00

Nueske’s applewood smoked bacon - point reyes blue - cherry tomato.

I personally thought this was so refreshing and light. The blue cheese crumbles and thick bacon pieces worked really well with the super light ranch dressing. I am not much of a tomato fan but when eaten together the flavors were absolutely delicious.

Lil' BRGs $21.00

Wagyu beef - special sauce - sesame seed bun.

These little burgers were so flavorful. The sauce was my favorite. That paired with the melted cheese made for the perfect appetizer.

Main courses: Lobster and Eggs Benedict, Cinnamon French Toast, Hot Chicken and Waffles, Wagyu flat iron.

Lobster & Eggs Benedict $35.00

lobster - baby spinach - poached eggs - caviar hollandaise - toasted English muffin.

Cinnamon French Toast $21.00

brioche - berries - cream cheese icing - maple syrup

The fresh fruit with cream cheese frosting was such a refreshing pair. I loved the flavors of this dish so much. perfectly sweet for a lovely brunch.

Hot Chicken & Waffle $24.00

buttermilk waffles - fried hot chicken thigh - pickles - coleslaw - maple BBQ sauce

These were absolutely delicious! I loved the sweet and savory nature of them. Chris and both thought the outside batter was super crispy and added the perfect amount of crunch to the dish. This is something I would definitely come back for.

Wagyu Flat Iron 8 oz $40.00

This is probably the best steak I have had in years. It was perfectly cooked and seasoned. If this was the only thing on my plate, I would be completely satisfied. I cannot wait to come in to try their dinner. Our steak was paired with shrimp. I personally do not eat seafood but Chris does and he gave it 5 stars. My mouth is watering just lookin back at these pictures.

Believe it or not we still had to make room for dessert! We ended up trying the cheesecake, bag o' donuts, and warm chocolate chip cookie.

Cheesecake $12.00

key lime curd

Bag O' Donuts $12.00

rolled in cinnamon sugar - 3 dipping sauces: dulce de leche - spiced chocolate - raspberry

Warm Chocolate Chip Cookie $12.00

vanilla ice cream - caramel sauce

All three of these desserts were a home run. They offer such different flavors but were all made so well. The cheesecake was super creamy and delicious and had the perfect amount of sweet, fruity taste. The chocolate chip cookie is served with ice cream, which is my favorite, and was absolutely my number one choice of the night. The donuts reminded me of when I would go to the farm in Massachusetts to get warm cider donuts and the three different sauces were so much fun. These were also so warm and delicious.I cannot wait to go back and enjoy them again.

Overall, this brunch literally had it all. I was super impressed by not only the food but by the entertainment and service as well. Everyone was so knowledgable and the food was some of the best I have had in years. If you are visiting Disney Springs in the near future I highly recommend making reservations for brunch at STK. You can look up all of the details of their menu and offerings on their website. You can also follow them on instagram @eatstk #eatstk.

Thank you so much again to STK for inviting me in. I love sharing my experiences with you all in hopes that the information I share can help you plan out your next vacation.

For more experiences be sure to follow me on instagram @dreamalongwithtaryn.

Taryn Alyssa xo

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