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3 Fun Photo Spots Near Winter Park, FL

Looking for some instagram- worthy photo spots? Well I've compiled a list of my Top 3 in Winter Park/Orlando. All of these locations are easy to get to and provide so many fun backdrops for some amazing photos.

Helpful Tip: With all locations, be aware of your surroundings as well as Private property signs. Have an idea of what shots you want before you go so you don't linger around one spot for too long.

1. Winter Park: Park Aire Apartments: This PINK apartment complex is instagram worthy for sure. Just be aware that this is where others live so be respectful of their home. This is a location I highly recommend having ideas beforehand. Just check out instagram tagged pics and you're ready to go!

640 N Park Avenue Winter Park, FL 32789

2. Winter Park: Casa Feliz Historic Home Museum: Meaning "Happy House" in spanish, this GORGEOUS historic home is a prime spot for catering events and weddings. The brick facade and gorgeous arches make this a prime sport for not only weddings but for some gorgeous photo spots for grad photos, bloggers, engagements, and more. I personally LOVE the blue windows and doors and the arches make for some amazing photos.

The parking lot is located between 644 N. Knowles Ave. and 761 Old England Ave

656 N Park Avenue Winter Park, FL 32789

3. Orlando: InFusion Tea: This super cute tea shop has some beautiful art both inside and outside. Their mural with colorful hearts is a staple instagram favorite. Definitely head out during the day so you can catch some great sunshine!

1600 Edgewater Drive Orlando , FL 32804

Where should I cover next? I've been wanting to head to Lakeland, but any suggestions are welcome down below!

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Ahh these spots are so fun! Definitely going to need to check them out next time we’re in town!

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