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Sephora Party at Disney Springs

Grab your best friends, and get ready for a night full of makeup, snacks, laughter and knowledge to last a lifetime!

I have partnered with Sephora at Disney Springs to bring you this post.

Sephora at Disney Springs is now offering a special one-of-a-kind makeup experience for you and your closest family and friends. Parties are for groups of 4-12. Each party is a personalized, private experience. You get to pick the topic or theme ( We chose holiday glam- eyes, sparkles, lips...the works) and Sephora supplies everything you need. You’ll each get your own fancy little personalized vanity in the Beauty Studio in the middle of the store, along with a goodie bag full of samples and whatnot to take home and try for yourself. To participate, each guest in the party is required to purchase a $25 Sephora gift card prior to the party. (It can be purchased the day of, but does not need to spent that day) A total win-win scenario!

We chose to work with lashes which you do need to purchase either beforehand or at the end of the party. The Sephora Beauticians were able to teach us how to complete the perfect smokey look: which brushes to use for each stage, how to get that perfect blend, the secret behind adding that flawless wing and of course the glam...LASHES! We were introduced to several amazing products that could be found in the store, many of which were on sale for the holidays or in special bundles!

The Sephora employees would teach a section and then had us try for ourselves. It was great to have that extra help. We were able to ask questions and get that one on one hands on experience that you really don't get from watching makeup tutorials on youtube.

Although our topic was "Holiday Glam", I walked away with new techniques I can use every single day. In fact, I have been using them ever since, and I have even gotten compliments...I'll take that any day!  Having someone demo the steps and then guide me with placement and application techniques gave me the confidence to try something new. ( I know all of you have gotten in a makeup rut once or twice where you tend to do the same thing EVERY. SINGLE. DAY... you know..because it's easy) I also loved trying out new products like the Stila Glitter eyeshadow and new eyeshadow palettes from Too Faced. Our Party gave everyone in my party a chance to wear new products and get a taste of what they really look and feel like on your skin, instead of just swatching them on my hand.

Our party was at 7pm, but you can choose anytime they have availability during store hours. This would be fun to do before heading out to a park for the day with your friends for pictures or before going to a fancy restaurant, possibly around Springs to feel extra glam on a date!

For more information and to book your Party at Sephora call the Disney Springs Sephora at 407-560-9159.

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This looks like so much fun! Great review!

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