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6 New Year's Resolutions You Can Stick To

Updated: May 6, 2020

Every year we come up with a whole new list of "resolutions" that we want to take a crack at, knowing that we most likely will fail in the process. So why do we do it? I fall into the same trap every single year-- with a love of new beginnings, what better way to "start fresh" than with a 365 day empty slate. Here are 6 New Year's Resolutions you can stick to in 2020.

1. Start Eating Healthier

Living close to the theme parks can have its perks when it comes to great food. Since moving to Florida 3 years ago my body has definitely taken a toll and so one of my resolutions is to EAT IN more and EAT OUT less. Save the eating out for special date nights, that way it's more special. You'd be surprised how many less calories you will consume simply by cooking for yourself at home.

2. Save More Money

This is the year for saving. Create a budget and try living within or below in order to save more. My personal goal is to take $50 from every paycheck and add to my savings. Try making your own goal, maybe you want to save for a vacation, a new car, or a house. Whatever it is, setting a clear goal makes it more realistic and achievable.

3. Sleep More

I know, I know having beyond busy schedules-- how do you even find the time to take a nap or even go to sleep early? Try to set a goal for rest throughout the day or set a time to go to sleep 30 minutes before your usual time. Being a kindergarten teacher myself, I try to get to sleep by 10pm. I set a bedtime alarm on my iPhone 30 minutes before which allows my mind and body to prepare for sleep each night.

4. Exercise More

You don’t need to go to the gym to exercise. You can do it right in your living room. Start slowly. For instance, take the stairs instead of the elevators. Do a 10 minutes routine before your shower. The key is to just start. To get myself back on track I started taking my dog for longer walks. If you live in a colder climate try online videos through youtube or paid programs. With exercise, another goal would be to drink more water each day.

5. Stay Organized- Keep The House Clean

My husband and I have very busy schedules, and when we are home we are constantly throwing things down in places they don't belong. My personal goal for 2020 is to keep my living space organized and clean. Your house should be a place where you get your much needed R+R, not a place of chaos. I plan on thoroughly cleaning every 2 weeks. That includes giving unwanted and unused items away to charity.

6. Create More

We all have that creative spark inside of us that wants to come out, but there is always something that holds us back. 2020 is going to be the year of dreaming big. Have you ever wanted to start up a blog yourself, how about a youtube page or even taking more creative posts for your instagram? Well go do it! Nothing should hold you back from chasing your biggest goals. This year I plan on stepping it up with more blog posts, more youtube videos, and getting more comfortable behind my new camera.

With all of these resolutions one of the biggest goals of the new year is to Stay Positive!

Staying positive means less distractions. No more comparing yourself to others, your new job is to show everyone just how amazing you really are. Social media can be a great tool if used to make connections and gain inspiration from others, but take a much needed break every once in a while to refresh your creativity.


It is said that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit. Resolutions can get hard because When we fail to do them just once, our first instinct is to quit. This time. don’t quit. No matter how many times you fail, start again until you make it into a habit. Here’s to keeping up with this list of 6 Easy Resolutions.

Happy New Year!

What are some resolutions you would add to this list? How do you plan on keeping them?

Share your thoughts in the comments below or send me a DM on instagram @dreamalongwithtaryn.

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