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HerStyler Summer Looks

Updated: May 5, 2020

I partnered with HerStyler to show you some fun summer styles to beat the heat. You can visit their website here to shop all of their curling irons, straightening tools, and other hair care products.

The first look I chose to do was a simple fishtail braid. To create this look follow these simple instructions:

1. Begin by splitting your hair into two sections - we’ll call them parts, left and right.

2. Take a super thin section of hair from the outer left part, and cross it towards the middle to combine it with the right part.

3. Now, take a super thin section of hair from the outer right part, and cross it towards the middle to combine with the left part.

4. Again, take a thin section from the left and combine with the right. Take a thin section from the right and combine it with the left.

5. Continue taking small sections of hair and combining it with the opposite part all the way down.

I was gifted an amazing 3 part curler, and used it to complete a few different curled styles including a couple different down looks and a curled ponytail.

This curling wand comes with 3 interchangeable barrels, 2 temperature settings, a teflon clip-less barrel, and a heat resistant glove. The 360° swivel cord also prevents the cord from getting tangled or damaged, which is always a huge plus.

Curled PonyTail: I used the 18/25mm barrel to create these tighter curls.

I decided to play with these tight curls, and chose to take my hair down. Here is the result:

Lastly I had a quick shoot at Disney's Hollywood Studios and wanted to create a loose wavy look -- this is usually my go-to when curling my hair.

For this look I decided to use the 25/25mm barrel. At first it was still much tighter than what I am used to with my other curling wands, however when it fell out an hour or so later it was PERFECT!

What summer hairstyle is your favorite? Should I do a tutorial on my Youtube Channel on either of these styles? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you again #Herstyler for the amazing products! I am so in love and cannot wait to create more this summer. #herstylersummerhair #ad

Taryn Xo.

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