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Giordano's Pizzeria

"Hundreds of critics call Giordano’s the city’s “best” stuffed pizza! They are not only famous for their instagram-worthy pizza but they also have a full menu of amazing starters, fresh salads, outstanding pastas and unique sandwiches."

Chris and I had the pleasure of being hosted at the Kissimmee, FL location. We were greeted with smiling faces (through masks of course) and were seating right away. We were blown away by the super friendly wait staff and how quickly the food and drinks were prepared. Just a heads up, *it takes 45 min for the deep dish to be prepared*. Well worth it in my opinion.

We started off with the sampler appetizer ($13.75) which consisted of cheesy bread, mozzarella sticks, and boneless chicken wings. This platter also came with buffalo, marinara, bbq, and ranch for dipping. Overall I think my favorite was the cheesy bread and the mozzarella sticks because who doesn't love cheese? I also got the Michigan-Avenue Margarita ($9.25). Now this was not the best margarita I've ever had but it was still yummy. I would be up to trying the Long-Island next.

Next up, we decided to try one of their main dishes, the chicken parmigiana ($13.75). We have not had spaghetti in forever so it honestly was so yummy. The sauce was absolutely delicious and the chicken was cooked to perfection. I would 100% order this again. I am just a sucker for pasta. I recommend sharing an entree dish and then ordering the pizza like we did (you could probably go without an appetizer that way) and you'd get to have the best of both worlds.

Last but certainly not least we had the cheesiest Chicago-stuffed pizza there ever was. Now Chris and I both have never had anything like this before and so we did not know what to expect. When I raised the pizza slice and saw all that cheese I just had to snap some pics! Holy cow guys, this thing was delicious. Now they have a ton of different pizza fillings to choose from. I think on the next visit I would do pepperoni or peppers and onions just to break up all of that cheese. We ordered a small pie and it was $16.95.

Click here to check out their full menu!

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Giordanos has several locations throughout Central Florida and within the US. I highly recommend checking out their social media to see if there is one close to you!

Here is a list of the Central Florida locations.

10/10 recommend on our end, now its yoru turn! Let me know what you thought if you end up going!

Taryn Alyssa Xo

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